Carolina- Princesa de Monaco

 Hello ♡ Welcome to my blog. Mine. The struggle is real; for at times I am too Mexican for the American and too American for the Mexican. Ni de aqui ni de alla. Esta es mi trayectoria. Desde mis mas difíciles momentos hasta los mas prósperos. Writing facinates me as it is the most feasible method for me to express myself. Too often there is shyness and tongue twisting that can be traced back to the whole Mexican American dilemma. Mi padre, disciplinario e intelectual entro como indocumentado igual que mi madre. Juntos lograron exito. Y de ese exito salgo yo. Gracias por permitirme narrar mis experiencias. Pardon my spanglish which I know can be annoying at times. Y siempre pa’ delante con la frente en alto. Al final del día, siempre existe alguien menos afortunado que yo. My love, Carolina.


One thought on “Carolina- Princesa de Monaco

  1. Dear Carolina, welcome to the world of blogging. I can already see how much art and passion lives within you. The struggle is real when we endure pain and learn to accept who we truly are. I look forward to following you and thank you for sharing your story with us!

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